Miguel’s neuroscience approach gets results like nothing I’ve ever tried before.

Kusha Karvandi

I really enjoyed this! Miguel takes the time to explain what each exercise does, how it is done, its purpose, and guides you how to do it as well. Highly recommended.

Brenda Brazil

Fabulous session with Miguel! Looking forward to more. Feeling awesome!

Jolyn Brakke-Johnson

My mobility and stability have improved greatly from my training at Studio Sevilla. Miguel shines as a teacher through his unique blend of Gyrotonic and Pilates. His intuition and powers of observation are attributes that rare among rehabilitation professionals. I feel myself standing taller and moving stronger in every respect athletically and professionally. As someone who preaches posture and muscle attention daily, I am grateful for Miguel’s expertise.

Dr. Peter J. Polski

Doctor of Chiropractic

I have been working with Miguel for well over a year. Each session is personally tailored to my development with Gyrotonic. In addition, I really enjoy the mix of challenges and the meditative elements that he brings to his sessions. I come away feeling fantastic about my progress and refreshed.

I am bringing a friend with rheumatoid arthritis to the studio and encouraging my golfer friends to try as well!

Robert Shelley

Chief Sales Officer, Catamaran

Miguel is the absolute best there is!!!

David Branstad

Golf Professional, Oak Ridge Country club

Gyrotonic Rocks! I recently had the pleasure of trying a Gyrotonic Machine, under the instruction of local owner, Miguel Sevilla. So hard to be “Macho” when trying a new sport/exercise/physical therapy. When to breath, how to move… all my years of Yoga, not sufficient to master even the most basic movements. Miguel is a patient and talented instructor.

Chris Balser

Professionnal Bike Fitter , Bicycle Fit Guru

I am 53 years old and was looking to improve my flexibility, core and hip strength for golf.  I can tell you Miguel’s program works!  My full swing game has definitely improved due to the program.

Dave Shusterich

I am in my 70’s and am thrilled with what I learn each time I work with Miguel. He cares deeply about his students and our progress. I have gained a greater sense of what I can accomplish. I am stronger, more flexible and  see my posture and balance improve and my sense of confidence grow.  Working with Miguel is a great way for me to stay in shape, keep improving and have fun at the same time.
Terry Devitt

I consider the time spent with Miguel over the past two years to be the best investment I’ve made in my overall health and well being. The combination of resistance work and Gyrotonic® each week has brought me measurable and sustainable results in my strength and flexibility. Miguel not only possess deep expertise in these areas, he brings a soulful energy to them. He has taught me how integral and important mobility is to my long-term health and performance. I always finish a session feeling happy, challenged and knowing I’ve improved in valuable ways.

Todd Waterbury

Chief Creative Officer, Target Corporation

“Miguel has been an important part of my team in Minneapolis. Training with Miguel has elevated my fitness and energy to a new level”

Brian Cornell

Chief Executive Officer, Target Corporation