You Get Better At What You Practice

You Get Better At What You Practice

This is one of the fundamentals of neuroplasticity. If we practice many hours of piano, chances are with time we will get better at that complex skill. If we practice many hours of piano while sitting in a slouched position…chances are we will get better at that too.

Replace the piano by a computer keyboard, and the effects will be the same…the skill now has become “typing on a keyboard with bad posture.” With time passing, we will have developed that skill so well that the bad posture will be integrated in our body.

The obvious signs will show when you try to move too far from that practice. Touching the toes becomes uncomfortable or impossible, Arching the spine, or activating deep abdominal muscles is not in your memory anymore. Time to get back to the fundamentals…

“You get better at what you practice”

Introduce enough amount of a healthy practice to counter the inevitable time spent behind a computer (or TV, or…).




“We do not stop exercising because we grow old – we grow old because we stop exercising” – Kenneth Cooper

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Miguel Sevilla