In a few words…

This a specific class format. It can be private or group.
I use a brain-based training system that is much more than flexibility. By “mobility” we mean the ability to move the joints with the purpose of achieving maximum whole body efficiency.


This can translate into reduced levels of pain if present, increased range of motion, performance enhancement (remember, we are ALL athletes), better balance (as we work with the vestibular system also).

Especially indicated for those who:

  • Work in front of a computer, or just spend long hours sitting.
  • Spend long hours standing.
  • Perform work that requires a lot of forward leaning or uncomfortable positions with arms raised (dentists, hair-stylists).
  • Want to improve their golf swing, skating, swimming, or ballroom dancing skills, to mention only a few.

If you have a special condition, contact us first to make sure we can accommodate you in a group setting. At each session, a few explanations will give meaning to what we are doing.
walking the wire

You will leave class not exhausted, but more focused and with gradually improving quality of movement. All levels are welcome. Everyone works at his own pace in the same class.

All this with the added appeal that you can see changes happening in a matter of a few minutes within a session.

      • The format is a 30 min class.
      • Maximum of 10 people. Contact us to reserve your spot.
      • Wear comfortable clothing…socks or bare feet.
      • $350/5 session for private
      • $250/5 sessions for two participants and over

*This is NOT a therapeutic technique, even though it may have therapeutic effects.