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At Studio Sevilla we offer private and semi-private sessions, customized to your specific strengths, goals and fitness level. This rhythmic, fluid, lengthening and strengthening exercise system promotes fitness in the most holistic sense of the word. Appropriate for all ages. By appointment.


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You Get Better At What You Practice

This is one of the fundamentals of neuroplasticity. If we practice many hours of piano, chances are with time we will get better at that complex skill. If we practice many hours of piano while sitting in a slouched position…chances are we will get better at that too.... read more

4 Mobility Tips for Active 50+

This is not about “magic” exercises that you should start doing. This is not about exotic supplements you should start taking to prevent stiffness or pain. This is about making the best possible use of the brain based on how it works and why it decides to make you... read more

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