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At Studio Sevilla we offer private and semi-private sessions, customized to your specific strengths, goals and fitness level. This rhythmic, fluid, lengthening and strengthening exercise system promotes fitness in the most holistic sense of the word. Appropriate for all ages. By appointment.


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See Better, Perform Better

See better, perform better. In a recent blog, Dr Cobb from Z-Health mentioned two studies outlining the importance of the vision to perform at a higher level. In one of the studies, conducted by Dynavision, they trained the vision of the players among the university... read more

Greatness is Practiced

Greatness is practiced, it doesn’t just emerge  spontaneously. In his book ‘The Talent Code’ Daniel Coyle talks about how excellence is built through excellent repetition, and excellent repetition is built through excellent practice habits. In human... read more

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